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Medical Surgical Department

The medical surgical department is where patients requiring overnight accomodations stay at KWRH.  We serve adults who are hospitalized to receive medications and treatments or who are staying for recovery from surgical procedures.  Our nursing staff has a wide variety of training and experience.  They work closely with other professionals including physicians, social workers, pharmacists, physical therapists, and respiratory therapists in developing a plan of care to fit each individual patient.


Nursing care is based upon respect for the dignity and worth of every individual. We believe that each patient has the right to receive quality care based on individual needs and age. Patients and their families are involved in establishing priorities for care that best meet their needs. Education about health maintenance is available. 


Our unit offers spacious suites for patients and their families. Each room is equipped with a large private bathroom and shower, television and internet access. Special beds help to prevent skin disorders and pulmonary complications. Telemetry monitoring is available in all rooms, providing remote cardiac monitoring.  A private family room is also available for families of patients who are critically ill.

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