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Laboratory Services


The Clinical Laboratory of Kell West Regional Hospital shall provide comprehensive testing and blood banking services for the inpatient and outpatient population. The Clinical Laboratory Services (procedures, tests, staff) reflect the scope and complexity of the hospital’s operation and shall be provided in accordance with federal and state law, regulations and guidelines, and acceptable standards of practice. The Clinical Laboratory shall operate under a current CLIA certificate appropriate to the level of services performed.

The patient population served by the Clinical Laboratory consists of pediatric through geriatric patients.


The purpose of the Clinical Laboratory is to provide patients and their physicians with accurate, efficient, and confidential laboratory testing through Ongoing development, implementation, and evaluation of quality control methods appropriate to each department. Continuous evaluation and revision of current laboratory procedures, the introduction of new procedures as they are available and adaptable to the needs of the hospital. Participation in the hospital’s performance improvement program. Compliance with the CAP/CLIA regulations. Compliance with HIPAA regulations regarding the confidentiality of patient testing, reporting of results, and the patient’s medical record. Compliance with other applicable federal rules and regulations. Compliance with State rules and regulations. Continuing education programs for Clinical Laboratory staff to update their knowledge of laboratory theory and practice


The Clinical Laboratory shall provide the following services to the patient population served:


  • Analytical chemistry testing, to include therapeutic and abuse drug testing


  • Hematological testing


  • Coagulation studies


  • Serology testing


  •  Blood Bank service shall include immunological testing, transfusion of blood components


  • Specimen procurement


  • Urinalysis testing


  • Collection and reporting of data


  • Quality control in all areas


 The Clinical Laboratory shall utilize outside reference laboratories for those tests that are not commonly performed by Clinical Laboratory.  Reference laboratories contracted by the hospital shall be in compliance with CLIA regulations

The Clinical Laboratory shall maintain a fixed amount of full and part-time staff to provide for patient care.  The Clinical Laboratory Manager shall maintain ultimate responsibility for providing adequate staffing and shall perform laboratory tests in the event that a qualified staff member is unavailable.

The Clinical Laboratory shall provide services seven (7) days a week, 24 hours a day.

The Clinical Laboratory staff member at Kell West Regional Hospital is a healthcare professional committed to ensuring that all patients receive optimal care via efficient and accurate laboratory testing and blood banking services.  The staff is certified in medical technology and phlebotomy.

Assignments within the department are based upon the complexity of the testing requirements.

All staff evidence proficiency with the Laboratory Computer System and chemistry and laboratory equipment. All staff have an understanding and are able to demonstrate knowledge of the laboratory-specific safety and infection prevention and control policies and procedures, as well as, the organizational safety management and utility management programs. The physician director of the Clinical Laboratory is board certified in Clinical Pathology. Staff pass proficiency testing.


The Clinical Laboratory is accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP) and is registered under the Department of Health Services for CLIA.  The Laboratory participates in proficiency testing through the College of American Pathologists.

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