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Intensive Care

KWRH pioneered the "open, family friendly concept" of taking care of the critically ill patient. There is no time more important for family to be with their loved ones than in a critical care situation, so at KWRH we are flexible with visitation, with no posted "visitation hours". If desired, families can stay with a critically ill family member 24 hours a day. 

Our Intensive Care is a 4 bed "open unit" with advanced monitoring capabilities and is staffed by an experienced nursing staff. Ancillary services (ex. respiratory therapy, physical therapy) required for these acutely ill patients are available. We take pride in knowing that patients in Intensive Care receive highly individualized care (one on one) from the health care team.

The medical expertise needed for these patients is available, including pulmonology, neurosurgery, cardiology and internal medicine. There are two intensivists on our staff - Dr. Chakinala, Director of KWRH Intensive Care and Dr. Chada. Both are board certified in Pulmonology and Intensive Care Medicine. Our Board Certified Internist and Hospitalist, Dr. Radkar, usually coordinates the care when a patient requires this level of service.

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