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Business Office

The KWRH Business Office is here to serve you whether you are making a payment on your account, obtaining a billing statement or discussing payment arrangements.


Your hospital bill is determined by the length of your stay and hospital services necessary for your care. The charges for the services of your physician, emergency room physician, consulting physician, and other professionals are not included in your hospital bill. These professionals will bill you separately.

If you have health insurance, the hospital will file an insurance claim for you. Usually a claim is paid within 30 to 60 days after submission to the insurance company. In cases where there are two insurance companies to bill, the second insurance will be billed after the first insurance claim has been resolved.

The amount of the bill that you must pay will depend on your insurance policy. 



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Kell West Regional Hospital Pricing


The prices listed are hospital charges only and do not include any physician fees or other non-hospital facility charges. I understand the charges do not reflect my actual out-of-pocket healthcare costs determined by my health plan benefits including deductibles, co-insurance, and out of pocket maximum amounts. I am aware that I should contact Kell West Regional Hospital at 940.692.5888 to speak with a Patient Financial Advocate to learn more about how much I may potentially pay for a service.

Services Not Included in the Bill

During your treatment you may receive care from physicians or other healthcare providers who will bill separately for their services. Some of these providers may include your private physician, emergency room physician, radiologist, pathologist, anesthesiologist, ambulance services and others. These providers will send separate billing. This list is not all inclusive:

   * Radiology Associates of Wichita Falls 940.766.0217

   * North Texas Medical Lab (Pathology Services) 888.638.7800

   * Lucy Park Emergency Room Physicians 800.355.2470

   * YPS Anesthesiology Group (Anesthesiology Services) 866.647.3631

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