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Prostate Seed Implantation

 Kell West Regional Hospital, in partnership with Las Colinas Cancer Center, is committed to providing the personalized, compassionate treatment that can make all the difference in cancer care.


Our patients are more than medical statistics. They are people who are facing one of the biggest challenges of their life. We work as a team to support our patients through this challenge by providing them with a combination of educational resources, an individual treatment plan that speaks to their unique diagnosis, state of health, and lifestyle, and a team that is just as committed to building personal relationships with their patients as they are committed to providing them with superior medical care.

Cancer care continues to unfold as medical and technological advancements in diagnostic tools and treatments emerge. We are proud to be on the cutting-edge where we can help expertly guide our patients through their diagnosis with the compassionate care for which we are known.


Receiving a cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming. Suddenly, you’re thrust into a world with its own kind of language and you’re left trying to decipher your diagnosis and navigate a treatment plan before you’ve had an opportunity to truly digest what has happened. We understand how devastating and frightening it can be to receive a cancer diagnosis. We understand how it can feel like you are alone in the fight ahead even when you have supportive family and friends around you. And we understand how daunting treatment can seem. That’s why our team is so committed to providing not only superior care but personal care.


While a diagnosis of prostate cancer was once met with certainty of invasive surgeries ahead and the potential for life-changing consequences, modern advancements have changed the way we approach cancer of the prostate. In fact, prostate seed implants is one of the most notable and effective courses of treatment available today; a fast, non-invasive method in which seeds are implanted directly into the prostate where they slowly release site-specific radiation for the determined course of treatment – whether it’s weeks or months. Prostate seed implants come with much fewer side effects and requires less recovery time, putting patients back into their normal routine as quickly as possible. At our affiliated center at Las Colinas Cancer Center, we also offer other options for treating prostate cancer including chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and radiation treatments such as intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) and image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT).


Leading the Way in Breast Cancer Treatment

One in eight women in the United States is given a diagnosis of breast cancer every year, breast cancer is one of the most frequent cancer diagnoses given to women. We understand that this can be a terrifying diagnosis for women and we are committed to helping our patients understand their diagnosis and manage their treatment so that they can get back to their normal day-to-day activities as quickly as possible. At Las Colinas Cancer Center, we provide a customized treatment program, integrating the most sophisticated therapies including chemotherapy, external beam radiation therapy, hormone therapy, and radiation therapy (IMRT and IGRT) such as MammoSite therapy, a five-day targeted radiation therapy that results in a much lower recurrence rate and an improved cosmetic result. 


History of Las Colinas Cancer Center

Dr. Gregory Echt, one of the nation’s leading radiation oncologists, established his first clinic in North Texas in 1989 to deliver world-class cancer treatment. This first clinic would set the tone for the clinics to come, establishing a philosophy of patient care that is now synonymous with how the treatment centers operate.


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